Who is Compart?
Compart is a manufacturing company that solves supply chain challenges.

What do we do?
We manufacture high precision metal and plastic components for medical, solar, industrial, petro chemical, semiconductor, automotive and data storage industries.

How are we different?
We are known for breaking down barriers, revolutionizing processes and driving business forward.

Discover ...
how a partnership with Compart will position you at the leading edge of your industry with bestinclass quality, innovative technology and the lowest cost of ownership.

What’s YOUR most complex challenge?
Whether you’re dissatisfied with quality, your costs are too high, or you’re yearning to discover a better way, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because Compart exists for one reason:
To solve our clients’ most complex issues.

When you work with Compart, you receive much more than a product. You receive a dedicated team of professionals who think, innovate and break down barriers on your behalf. When you bring us your most complex challenge, we analyze it backward, forward, upside down and inside out. We take every step to understand your business. Then, and only then, does a faster, easier, quicker or less expensive solution emerge. There are no shortcuts. If you’ve worked with other supply chain vendors, you already know that most of them don’t invest this degree of time, thinking and energy into your business. That’s how Compart is different.

Why do we invest so much time, energy and thought?
Because when we solve complex issues, our clients reward us with “single source” or “primary supplier” positioning. They also become long-term, mutually beneficial partners. We choose to delve deep with a few clients rather than skim the surface with many. And, if you’re a small, growing company, don’t worry. We’re willing to invest in small clients with unique or promising technologies and markets.

What’s your breakthrough potential?
Take our 16-point questionnaire now!

  Looking for...
• a high precision component?
• a manufacturing process?
• a supply chain solution?



your breakthrough potential.
Are you already at the top of your game or is there still room for improvement? This 16-point questionnaire will help us assess your opportunity.

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